Friday, January 31, 2014

Twin Quilts!

Quilt One

Quilting on Quilt One

This is a first for me--quilts for twins!  I finished them last week and got them shipped yesterday.  Yippee!!

Quilt Two

Quilting on Quilt Two

I'm sure you've figured out that these are scrappy creations.  Sometimes when I want to sew without thinking, I pull out my 2 1/2" squares and make 9 patch blocks.  I have several extremely exacting methods for making these (tongue in cheek, of course!): 

1.  Put together really strange color / fabric combos.
2.  Sew together fabrics that I have enough squares to make a block out of.
3.  Blindly sew the fabrics on the top of the pile.

The recipient twins are a year old and I want them to be able to easily identify their own quilt, so I gave the quilts very different bindings.

Hooray for finishes!!  Lots of Gold Stars today.  :)

Praising God Today!

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  1. They will love them! I currently am in a two quilt mode. I am making up second quilts out of my leftovers from major projects right away. It feels good!

  2. Well done, they are adorable! And I think it is perfect that they are similar, but not exactly the same.

  3. Such interesting colours! I love these quilts, and so will the twins!