Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hands 2 Help 2017

2017 Hands 2 Help Donation Quilt

My Hands 2 Help quilt is not quite done, but it's really close. I'm posting a picture now to link up with Sarah's blog.

I started this quilt many moons ago, but who's counting!

(I actually started a different quilt using the Charming Stars pattern that Sarah featured early on with H2H. Let's just say that I got a little too attached to it! I'll try to show it to you soon. It's still just a top, but it really speaks to me and since I've never really made a quilt for myself....we'll see if I can really do that or not!)

The string blocks in the quilt pictured above were made using a method that I learned from Gwen Marston. Basically, you sew panels of strips together, apply spray starch to keep it from stretching as you cut along the bias, and then cut your shapes from the fabric panels. It's fun and fairly mindless.
back of the H2H quilt

I bought a Juki sewing machine last year, so I was experimenting with it on the quilting. You can't really see the quilting pattern from the front of the quilt, but I know it's there. :)
As soon as I add a few more rows of quilting and the binding, this quilt is heading to Refugee Charity in St. Louis. I hope it makes someone's transition a little easier. 

And here is my favorite picture...My daughter and her friends!

Thank you, Sarah, for encouraging all of us and organizing our efforts (herding cats!)