Monday, June 24, 2013

Falling off the Wheat Wagon

Milking Bambi 2013
(love that farmgirl glamour!)

My wheat free eating habits were going great.  I was feeling great.  Perhaps I was feeling a bit too good.  I got casual and then completely fell off the wagon today at lunch. 

French toast.  Mmmmm.  Yum.  I filled up on a meal of 90% bread.  I-Yi-Yi.  Let's just say it didn't go so well. 

I could barely stay awake through the end of the meal.  Brain fog settled in with a vengeance.  I couldn't focus or think at all.  Within an hour I couldn't take another step without a nap.  Seems I had to sleep off the nasty effects of all those wheat carbs. 

Now I know for sure what causes at least part of my mental struggles. 
Hopefully I can push forward and not grow casual about wheat intake least not for a long time. 
On another front, I've stopped milking Bambi and am allowing her to dry off before her next calf arrives.  It's recommended that you dry off a milk cow 6 weeks prior to their scheduled delivery to allow time for them to rebuild their physical stores and devote more energy to growing the calf. 

Bambi's milk supply had diminished down to about 1 quart of milk per day.  I only milk her once per day and wasn't willing to increase the frequency to twice daily, so drying her off early seemed like the best answer.  Plus with the garden going strong, this frees up more morning time to devote there.

In the meantime, we are blessed to have a farmer that sells raw milk nearby.  We purchase herd shares which then allows us to also receive a share of the milk. 

I hate that raw (unpasteurized)
milk consumption is so controversial.  I don't feel the need to force raw milk on other people.  That being said, I don't want to give my family milk that has had all the enzymes and health cooked right out of it. 

We have been consuming raw milk for over a year and are a strong, healthy bunch. 

End of soapbox.

many blessings!


If the Lord is pleased with us, He will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us.    Numbers 14:7

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little Bits of Progress

I actually have some quilting progress sitings to share!!

With gardening season in full gear, my sewing machine pretty much stays under cover.  I turned it on today to make an overdue block for the quilt ministry, but otherwise everything is hand stitching done on the go. 

I finished the binding on the quilt that's heading to Ethiopia with Quilts Beyond Borders.  Attaching label.  Will wash and ship this week. 

I love how scrap quilts absorb all sorts of wild, weird, funky, and downright ugly fabrics!  The fabrics don't even have to be the right color to work.  It's quite fascinating how the uglies fade in and make the pretties shine.  After a while, you forget who is ugly and who is pretty!! 

Poor Sarah has been waiting forever for my hand block.  It's finally done and the colors coordinate nicely with the above quilt!  I found a big chunk of "made" fabric where I had pieced a bunch of oddball scraps together.  Seemed like a good answer for the "hand" fabric.

Here is a peak at my Handwork for Summer Sanity Project!  Some odd, funky color / fabric combos which make me smile.  I don't know what these blocks will be when they grow up....I'm just having fun creating them (mindlessly, for the most part.)

Here is a look at the back of the one I'm currently stitching.  These blocks have larger fabric pieces than most of my hand work projects.  The longer stitching lines go together fast.  Very fun and relaxing.

These pieces are marked using a stamp set from Cindy Blackberg.  The stamps take the work out of the prep stage and increase accuracy in a major way!  Love that!  (no affiliation with Cindy, just a fan.)

many blessings,


Trust in the Lord and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

                      Psalm 37:3

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Time Management

Ok.  True Confession Time.
Do any of you have difficulty with Time Management??? 

Me, too. 

I just came across this really cool bundle of ebooks that addresses this challenge. 

Discover tips for creating schedules and routines, the importance of rest, strategies to help you be on time and more!

Get this bundle for almost 60% off this week only.--All 5 books for just $7.40!!

Here is what's included:

Tell Your Time
by Amy Lynn Andrews

Tell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free outlines Amy’s straightforward, step-by-step approach to controlling your schedule and ensuring the important things don’t fall through the cracks. It’s short and to the point with no fluff or filler. This little ebook will help you accomplish not only what’s on your to-do list today, but what’s on your to-do list for life.

Honoring the Rhythm of Rest by Daniele Evans
In a culture where many of us are simply moving too fast and pausing less often for a break, for time off or for intentional rest, Daniele offers a better way. Honoring the Rhythm of Rest will encourage and equip you to understand the meaning of true rest; to ask of yourself ,”Am I living intense, or intentional?”; to counteract the myth of doing it all; to consider 3 intentional ways to practice rest; and to journey back from burnout!

28 Days to Timeliness by Davonne Parks
Two years ago, Davonne began working on becoming more timely, and she decided then that if she could ever figure out how to be on time, she’d write a book about it.  Throughout her journey, she discovered what makes some people late, tips and tricks other people use to be on time and how to enjoy freedom and spontaneity within boundaries as she made significant progress in her own life. In 28 Days to Timeliness, she shares 28 short, easy-to-read segments that take just a few minutes to go over each day with a practical course of action to move help you be on time.

Creating a Schedule That Works by Marlene Griffith
In Creating a Schedule That Works, Marlene offers you the tools to help you create and implement a schedule that works for you and your life. Her simple, straight-forward approach shows you how to break your day into bite-sized pieces by scheduling four blocks of time in your day to help you meet the demands of your day-to-day life.

The Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule by Amy Roberts
With plenty of charts, printables, examples and links, The Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule includes step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect homemaking schedule as well as a bonus section on creating the perfect homeschooling schedule. Amy shows you how to work with your unique family dynamics, how to make a schedule stick, how to delegate chores and more!

This bundle of helpful books is only available this week.  I'm off to order mine now.

Disclaimer: I earn a small commission if you purchase this ebook bundle from one of these links.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Humble Quilt

I'm finishing the binding on a charity quilt.  This quilt has been in the works for years.  That's not unusual for me.  I tend to lose interest and not complete a top until there is a purpose for the quilt. 
Green Coins Quilt (with feet!)
Pieced by Pam Stahl
Quilted by Sarah Craig
finished June 2013

This top is made with scrappy coin strings.  A good mental therapy project.  No rules...just sew and square up on occasion.  The pattern idea came from here
back of Green Coins Quilt

Sarah Craig
did the machine quilting.  Thanks Sarah!

This quilt was created for the Hands 2 Help ministry which Sarah heads up each year.  It will be traveling to an orphanage in Ethiopia through Quilts Beyond Borders

Finishing this quilt is a bit humbling.  I am easily overwhelmed when I stop to consider the pain and suffering in this fallen world.  I long to do so much more, but don't even know where to begin.  So I offer this quilt with love and prayers to God.  Asking that He will use my humble offering in a way far bigger than me.  That He will use this quilt to comfort and remind a child that He loves them and has plans for them....and will give them hope and a future. 

Thank you Lord for allowing me to serve You in ways that come naturally to me.  (guess You already knew that!)

many blessings,


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lore, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

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