Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little Bits of Progress

I actually have some quilting progress sitings to share!!

With gardening season in full gear, my sewing machine pretty much stays under cover.  I turned it on today to make an overdue block for the quilt ministry, but otherwise everything is hand stitching done on the go. 

I finished the binding on the quilt that's heading to Ethiopia with Quilts Beyond Borders.  Attaching label.  Will wash and ship this week. 

I love how scrap quilts absorb all sorts of wild, weird, funky, and downright ugly fabrics!  The fabrics don't even have to be the right color to work.  It's quite fascinating how the uglies fade in and make the pretties shine.  After a while, you forget who is ugly and who is pretty!! 

Poor Sarah has been waiting forever for my hand block.  It's finally done and the colors coordinate nicely with the above quilt!  I found a big chunk of "made" fabric where I had pieced a bunch of oddball scraps together.  Seemed like a good answer for the "hand" fabric.

Here is a peak at my Handwork for Summer Sanity Project!  Some odd, funky color / fabric combos which make me smile.  I don't know what these blocks will be when they grow up....I'm just having fun creating them (mindlessly, for the most part.)

Here is a look at the back of the one I'm currently stitching.  These blocks have larger fabric pieces than most of my hand work projects.  The longer stitching lines go together fast.  Very fun and relaxing.

These pieces are marked using a stamp set from Cindy Blackberg.  The stamps take the work out of the prep stage and increase accuracy in a major way!  Love that!  (no affiliation with Cindy, just a fan.)

many blessings,


Trust in the Lord and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

                      Psalm 37:3

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  1. You have been busy. Everything is lovely.

  2. So true about scrap quilting! Great way to make ugly fabrics shine or to simply blend them in. Great little star blocks. I really like your idea of using the stamp set!

  3. I love scrappy. Your quilt looks great. And remember beauty is is in the eye of the beholder. So we can say no such thing as ugly, right! Trying hard to not buy more fabric until i have put a serious dent in my scraps. Some of my fabs have been around awhile, so want to try and use them to. It is fun to think and plan!

  4. I have fabric for a hand-piecing project ... I just need to get started on that!

  5. Wonderful! Love that pink Kaffe Fassett from the paperweights line of fabric...YUM!
    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Love your hand piecing project:)

  7. Love the quilt - it turned out great! Your hand block is now part of a finished quilt - woohoo!! And I really want to see the stamping set - that could make life a whole lot easier for hand sewing!! PS There are lots of egg cartons by your sewing machine at church...