Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gold Stars

Over the years, I've developed a habit that I now desperately want to change. 


Procrastination is not my friend.  It never comforts or inspires me. 

Procrastination muddles my mind and makes me think I'm doing too much and that I don't really have time to do the things I really want to do--the activities that I know, deep down in my soul, I should be doing. 

Procrastination steals our energy.  Instead of taking action, we use lots of energy just thinking of all the things we should be doing.  Having a busy, spinning brain makes you tired but doesn't really accomplish anything meaningful.

Procrastination is an enemy of all the good things that God has placed before us to do. 

One thing that seems to help in the battle against Procrastination is having a list and knowing the next thing that needs to be done. 

I scribble out my list at the top of each week's calendar.

I've gone one more than this.

I'm developing a list each week of tasks that need to be completed.  This list includes tasks related to our home, farm, family, and my creative endeavors....a list of things that really need to be done, but keep getting put off.

When I step up and complete one of these tasks, I give myself a "gold star".  (apparently my 1st grade teacher had it right all along!).  My grown up "gold stars" are shown on my calendar written in purple with a big check mark by them.  I also get to mark the task off my list, but I find that by writing it in purple and making a big deal out of it, I get an even bigger charge out of the accomplishment! 

"Gold Stars" being celebrated!

I started giving myself these "gold stars" a couple weeks ago.  I would find myself late in the day trying to do something on my list to be able to get a star.  It was such a great feeling to eek out a star for the day even if I squeaked it in just before retiring to bed!

This week I've noticed that Procrastination has even less of a hold on me.  I'm getting 2-3 gold stars per DAY!!  I'm becoming more productive!  I'm spending less energy thinking about what I should be doing, and more energy actually doing it! Hooray!!

Do you battle Procrastination??  Have you found ways to stand strong and become a Finisher of good works?  Please share!

Praising God today!!

many blessings,

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  1. Great post, Pam! I have also been a procrastinator most of my life. I wonder if it has something to do with depression? Feeling overwhelmed by all that I should be doing just makes everything worse. I love your "gold star" approach! I will try something similar. Happy New (and productive) Year! Hugs, Marie