Monday, January 6, 2014

New Directions

I've been doing lots of thinking about the New Year.  Evaluating the activities of my life.  Figuring out what works and what doesn't.  I love January for all the hope and newness of it--January is bursting with possibilities!  I'm working on setting goals.  My husband and I have been setting goals each January for many years.  We find this habit to be very beneficial. 

While mulling around on the goal thing (goal-setting requires lots of mulling-around time for me!), I decided to reclaim a buried machine in my laundry room.  I've been doing some finishing work with bindings for the quilt ministry, so my electric machine is set up with the walking foot.  Switching feet and settings and thread when I need to piece something is certainly a do-able task, but really not necessary when I am blessed to have another machine!  Duh!

I should have taken a picture of the buried treasure when I started this little New Year's endeavor.  Here is the machine uncovered.  Hooray!

Singer 201.  Love this machine!!

Pulling back to give you a better view of the laundry / sewing / mudroom / animal supply room / milking supply room / canning closet / if you can't find a spot for it, put it in here-room....

Our laundry room gets a LOT of action!

And now to look at the adjoining dining space to see some of the offending clutter that was removed during the process:

Table full of stuff to be relocated.  More on the floor. 

I'm enjoying my 2-machine set up!  Hooray! 

Here is my other girl.  I love these old machines!  I sprung for some Aurifil quilting thread to use on this one and am in awe at the beautiful stitches.  :)

Sweet color, but don't be fooled--she's a workhorse!

So what are you doing with January and this whole new year that spreads before us? 
Are you changing directions with anything?  Or maybe just tweaking what you are already doing?
Will you learn a new skill?  Or change a habit?

Praising God each and every day!

many blessings,


  1. i have a singer treadle machine, do you know where to get the pully belt?


    1. Here is a link to Sew-Classic, where a treadle belt can be found. I have not ordered from them, but have heard good things from those that have.

  2. That is a wonderful shade of blue! It must make you happy just to sew with her.

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