Sunday, March 10, 2013

This and That

Daylight Savings time change today. 
I really don't like the time change, but am trying to keep a positive attitude so I won't go into that.

I'm actually waiting for the sun to come up so that I can go out and take care of the animals.

Enjoying the early morning quiet and a little stitching.  Figured out how to half my tumbler pieces (and mark for piecing) to create an inner border.  It's encouraging to see this little top come together.  I have a tendency to put projects away before adding borders (which makes me not want to bring them out again!)

Oops....just noticed that I'm using the wrong fabric for the inner border! 
Maybe I'm up a bit too early!


Project 40

Here's a finish.  I love how graphic the variegated strips look in this lap blanket! 

Thanks again Strippers!


Bob the Bottle Calf

Growing big and strong. 
We are still battling the umbilical infection. 
This infection necessitated yet another van ride to the vet about 3 weeks ago to incise and drain the abscess again.  Apparently abscesses can reach quite deep and are difficult to cure....(Bob and I can testify to that!)


Praise Report!

I talked to my Dad recently on his birthday and HE WAS HAPPY!!!
This is a major answered prayer.  He has been so angry about being in the nursing home and life in general.
For him to have peace and even be enjoying the company of his roommate can only come from God! 
Yea God! Thank You for this blessing.

My Dad is still a bit confused but much of his memory has returned.  Another blessing.  Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words.


Living Water

Please donate $10 to help our "neighbors" in Africa have clean water. 
Learn more here.

There's still time to be included in the book drawing.

many blessings,

Linking to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. Such a pretty collection of fabrics in your tumbler quilt. Daylight savings will take a bit of adjustment for us all.

  2. Such a pretty tumbler quilt. Hope you have some sun there it is so dark, it's hardly day time at all!

  3. I've been so tired.. maybe it's the change in times? Seems to hit me harder as I get older. Today I sent you a pink package containing two strips. I guess now I can say I'm a stripper.

  4. So glad for you that your dad is happy where he is. Love your tumbler quilt; lovely and bright and therefore cheerful! Those variegated strips in the lap blanket look amazing! I've never seen a yarn that makes those sorts of self it!