Monday, March 11, 2013

Pushing On

I've fretted and played with border choices for my tumbler quilt.

Here is what I was planning:

But when I pulled out my fabric to stamp and cut the half tumbler pieces for the first border, I accidentally used the pink fabric instead of the blue.

At one point today, my daughter had me convinced that I should remove the pink and put the blue on.
Thankfully, I returned to my senses before pulling out the seam ripper!

The pink will be JUST FINE! 

Do you ever unintentionally change your quilt plans??? 
Would love to hear about it and how it turned out.

Daylight Savings Time Change

I was planning to hush up and not complain about the recent time change. 
Actually, I will be quiet even though my internal time clock has been jarred.

I saw this on another blog.  A petition has been started to do away with the twice yearly time change.
The petition needs signatures to be considered.

You can see it here.

Potentially more effective than grumbling, though not quite as satisfying short-term!

The month is going fast.  Please take a moment and donate towards the well that we are building in Africa
The drawing for the Living Water Quilt takes place on March 31.

may your day be blessed.


  1. Good thing you came to your senses! :-) I find that often great things grow out of 'mistakes'. I haven't made a complete quilt yet, though I do have ideas in the works and have begun hand piecing two tops. This will be slow, as one is composed of crosses of five squares each and every cross is different from all the others. The other is 2" squares and all are different. I think that's the same as a Postage Stamp quilt or a Charm quilt. Anyway, I plan to cut 6 2.5" squares from every fabric I use as I go along and add one square to the PS quilt and 5 to the Crosses quilt. I may end up trading fabrics with a couple of friends, but am not ready to do that any time soon.
    As to your quilt, I think either blue or pink edging would be great; just two different looks. You could make a small inner border of the blue if there is room; that would pick up the colour of the blue inner pieces. Or not. Looking forward to more pics as this progresses. ~ Linne

  2. I like the extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day, so I'd be more than happy to sign a petition to keep DST in effect year 'round. ;-)

    You know, the more that I look at your original plan, the more I think I'd rather have the pink as the inner border and the blue as the outer border. Seriously. ;-)

  3. I like the blue inside better...more contrast!
    I agree...I am tired of all the timer changes. Just leave it as it was made when someone created time keeping (noon
    is when sun is the highest, etc...)