Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flower Garden AND What's in Pam's Van?

Every once in a while I root through my stash of old projects.  I used to fret about having so many unfinished crafty things around, but have come to accept that I'm just wired like this.  I love starting and playing and trying out all sorts of things.  When the thrill is gone (or new ideas push to the front), I put them away.  I try to go through my bins every month or two and see if any projects want to come back out and play. 

Today let's probe the depths of the box marked "Flower Garden".  (do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do---Twilight Zone theme)

I can't remember when I started this, but I'm thrilled to find all of the pieces and parts corralled into one box. 

This was one of my early attempts at hand piecing.  I don't particularly like tracing around templates, BUT having metal templates really improves the accuracy vs. my homemade ones.  As far as templates go, I like these by Ardco with the little grippy stuffy on the back. 

Here are some of my blocks.  I think I had decided to go with the outer round of whitish fabric and was thinking of setting them with pale green diamonds.  I know that old timey solid green color has a name, but it escapes me.

A few more blocks.  I had played with joining a group of small flowers on the left.  Ick.  Doesn't work for me.  I just see the white hexies popping forward when I look at it. 

Now that I've done more hand piecing, I think I'll play with this some more.  My piecing skills have improved a bit so the joins should be a bit more enjoyable.  (as opposed to clenched teeth and shoulders pulled up around my ears!)


So any guesses as to what I've been hauling in my van?

Yes, that's Bob the calf.  Apparently some of you didn't get the memo---Last Tuesday was "Take Your Calf for a Drive" Day!  At least it was around here.  The calf needed to visit the vet and all I could think to do was stick her in the back of the Mom Mobile!  We've hauled chickens, dogs, cats, and skads of kids in why not a calf?! 

We did get a lot of funny looks.  I'm glad no on ran into us while they were pointing and gawking.  She practiced her very loud moo the whole way there!

Bob was much more subdued on the trip home after having the abscess in her navel drained. 

God is good.



  1. I've been giving some serious consideration to making a GFG ... part of what has been holding me back is how to get all the small pieces cut accurately. I think I've found the solution with the metal templates.

    How did you get Bob up into your van? ;-)

    1. We tried to lift her, but couldn't get her up high enough. Then we lifted her front hooves up into the van and she hopped right in! I was impressed with how she could jump. :)

  2. Now that was somne good clean fun! I love your Flower Garden and I covet your templates. I will look for some of my own.

    And taking your cattle for a spin is pretty interesting as well. I'm glad things are better after the abcess or whatever got lanced.

    I'm knitting another strip at last. I've been doing baby stuff for Bundles of Joy.

  3. I have hauled calves in our vehicles, too...first few times in a station wagon! My dogs are almost as big as calves and now are elderly...the calf is easier to get in the van!

    You'll be glad you had the abcess cared for. Not fun stuff.

    Interested in reading about your sheep. My sister raised sheep and also got into spinning and weaving. She raised border collies and had the sheep so the dogs could show their herding skills.

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  5. Found your blog by 'accident', re-blogged the Living Water quilt post from the Curious Quilter blog, then came back to read more . . . this one does it! I think we are kindred spirits in many ways . . . no time for details now, but this brought back a host of memories. Thanks. ~ Linne