Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This and That

Hey, Hey!  I have a finish to report!  Well, sort of.  It's finished as far as I need to take it.  This is a top for the Quilt Ministry.  The center section was donated by a quilter.  It came as a large quilt top.  My job was to take some of it apart and create 2 quilts from it.  This is the second of the 2.  I just finished adding the borders and will deliver to Sarah tomorrow for quilting. 

I plucked a random sample from each of my sheep as we changed their jackets.  Yes, my sheep wear little jackets.  It's always sort of odd to explain to visitors why my sheep wear coats.  The first question that I usually hear is, "Are they cold?" 

Nope.  They aren't cold, but they are messy.  I spin their fleece and make yarn with it.  It's yet another of my odd crafty interests.  I bought my 3 little Shetland sheep last year.  This is the yarn / knitting equivalent of  growing cotton in my garden and then weaving my own quilting fabric with it.  (no, I don't....not yet, anyway!)

Fiber crafts are a slippery (fun) slope! 

Project 40 is rolling along.  I have enlisted a Project 40 friend to help sew up the strips!  Hooray for Karen A!!  Karen just put these 2 lap blankets together with strips from assorted "Strippers".


Time to share another off-beat tidbit about myself. 
I hate processed food.  I've been learning to cook with whole foods for a number of years and have been gradually weaning my family off of packages, mixes, and cans that have ingredients that we can't pronounce. 

A couple weeks ago, I found an e-cookbook that I love!  It's full of favorite recipes that I haven't used in a long time.  Katie Kimball has refurbished these old comfort foods and given us new (old) recipes.  She cooks them the way our grandmothers (or at least great grandmothers) would have made them.  Maybe we should call this Vintage Cooking!

Check out this great e-book!

In less than 2 weeks, I've already used 4 recipes from this book!!  Definitely a record for me.
My family loved them all and I didn't have to feel guilty about dumping a bunch of artificial chemical mixes in any of them!

Here is what we've enjoyed so far:
Cheeseburger Helper (you know, like the box with the gloved helping hand on it!)
Black Bean and Chicken Impossible Pie
Chicken and Biscuits Casserole
Beef and Potato Hash (I think it had a fancier name, but I can't think of it).

I'm getting ready to order more of Katie's books

Disclaimer:  Yes, I signed on as an affiliate after trying these great recipes.  I figured I was going to tell you about them anyway, so I might as well make a wee little bit of money for each cookbook that you buy!  The FCC (or some other highly interesting entity) requires me to disclose this.  :)  I'm sure they don't have anything better to worry about.

That's all for now.

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  1. I, too, am trying to get away from processed foods, so I'm very interested in that ebook. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Can you tell me where you got your sheep blankets? They look really nice-better than the canvas ones I have seen, and I would love to get some for mine (2 cheviots and a shetland)....

    1. Hi Linda,
      They are from Rocky Sheep Co. I love them! The owner, Rocky, is awesome. Be sure and call your order in to him. He ships at cost (very reasonable) if you call in.


  3. Thanks! I'm on it! The sheep won't be happy though!

  4. Great little quilt top. I have bought full fleeces but then they need washing. I have done some hand washing so that I keep a locks. I have tried spinning with a drop spindle. I have done more wet felting really. So I know the hobby thing grows and grows. One lady warned me a will need to get my own sheep.

  5. First, whoop-whoop for REAL food! That looks like a great ebook. I love your hourglass block quilt! Interesting about the fleece from your shetland sheep and the jackets they wear. Could you use it as quilt batting too (if you card it)?