Friday, December 21, 2012


A dear friend of mine had twin boys last week!!  They are both strong and healthy, each weighing in at over 6 pounds!!  This sweet family is adjusting from having 2 children to having 4!  They don't really need another person hanging around while they go through this transitional time, so I'm going to busy myself making quilts for them instead.

Times like this make me glad for one of my odd habits. 
I like to piece blocks without a quilt in mind.  I just sew the blocks to play with the fabric and the block design, knowing that I will pull them out at a later time and grow them into a quilt.  I tend to get bored working straight through on one quilt from start to finish, so I work in this piecemeal method instead.

Here is my collection of solids with some scrappy blocks that I pieced in 2010.  I don't typically remember when I piece blocks, but I clearly remember sewing these blocks while living with my mother-in-law after our house flooded.  Making these blocks was one of my methods for stress relief.

Playing with the blocks.  Auditioning some different fabrics.  This is one of my favorite parts of quilt making.  I love playing with blocks and assorted layouts. 

Switching gears to grey.  This has potential I think.  Normally I prefer brighter solids to bring blocks together, but I think this grey makes the scrappy blocks sparkle.

And here it is with smaller blocks in the corners.

Now onto my  next dilemma....what to do for the second quilt.  I  don't have a lot of these blocks left.  I could do a simple design like this.

OR....Here is another quilt start in my bag of tricks!  Very different from the other.  It's a lot larger.  I could cut it down though.

Here's another view that shows the coin strips better.  It's all scrappy without much rhyme or reason other than having green as the primary coin color.

Any suggestions??



  1. How cool, twins :D I really like both potentials. If you use the coins for the one, though, it would be cool if the stamp blocks were back on the aqua tones - they're different, but in the same color family - cool for twins. :)

  2. It's fun seeing your auditions. They all work beautifully!

  3. They are both beautiful! I like the last green one, and the middle grey one. I love that they are so different. They will have enough things in their lives that are exactly the same. This recognizes that they are individuals right from the start. :o)