Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interesting Project Up for Grabs!

The last thing I need is another project, so I'm hoping one of you will claim this beauty!
I love how the maker alternated colored prints with rows of white.

And Look!  You even get to finish putting the setting blocks around the edges.  I might be tempted to just square it off and use the center...maybe use the star points for something else.  I better quit thinking up ideas before I give in to the temptation and place a bid!

You can find all the details about this unfinished treasure on ebay.

What would you do with this quilt top if it showed up under your Christmas tree? 
Hmmmm.......Would you finish it?  Use it?  Stash it away?  Pin it to the wall?  Make your dog a cushion out of it?  (I hope not, BUT it would make some cute pillows!)  Run screaming from the room?  Take it apart and use the little scrap patches? 


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