Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Do You Keep a Journal?

Yesterday I dug out some old journals looking for clues about Dad's quilt.  Specifically, when did I start making this thing?!  I never did locate any answers, but what I did find was even better. 

I found God's faithfulness and love covering my life.  He's been there in the awesome, mountaintop moments, and His presence was even more pronounced when I have struggled through the hard, sad times. 

I can also see His direction, His guiding voice in my entries.  Interestingly enough, He's been telling me some of the same stuff for years.  I'm not sure if that means I'm a terribly slow learner (yes!) or if He is simply reassuring me and encouraging me to stay on this path with Him.  Probably both.  I'm sure there are times when God wants to shake me till my teeth rattle, but instead He patiently repeats the lesson.

I encourage you to keep a simple journal.  Try not to make rules about it or be legalistic.  Just be you.  Write what comes to you--perhaps a basic record of your days.  Other times you may need to hash out bigger stuff.  I also like to list prayer requests that I am lifting to God and the answers as they come. 

Sometimes we forget that God has been right there with us through all our stuff.  I think keeping a journal helps with that forgetful tendency.

Do you keep a journal?
Has God revealed Himself to you through journaling?

May your day be blessed with sweet remembrances of God's faithfulness and love.


  1. Your pile of journals looks familiar. I journal as a way to see if I can better discern God's leading in my life. I also have a knitting group journal, a quilt journal, a journal of favorite quotes, a reading journal, yes, it goes on and on :)

    1. Forgot to say that I love your blog. Heading back there to poke around some more. :)

  2. You are funny! Perhaps we were separated at birth....I've had all those journals, too! Now I sort of stick them all together in one since I can't keep track of all the different books. I start my reading journal at the back of the book. All the rest....prayers, God's leading, scriptures, quotes, quilty stuff, knitting stuff, life all goes together from the front.

    Just remembered...I do keep one other notebook...a farm journal. but that tends to bleed over into the main journal too.