Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's for Dinner, Mom???

Welcome to Control Central here at my house.  Most days I can be found here cooking up trough-fulls of food!  My sons are both teenaged bottomless pits.  Eating is somewhat of a sport with them.

So come on in and see what's cookin'!

Oops, there's food around the edges, but what's Mom cooking up?

Oh NO, that looks like Fat Quarters & Cornbread!  Not again!!

Current WIP--I LOVE making scrappy 9 patch blocks!

Close-up--I like sewing up wacky combos.

I'm trying to sew some more dull-ish blocks to tone this down a bit as it grows.  The potential recipient will appreciate that.  PLUS...adding some dull ones will make the bright ones sing even more.  :)

Hope you are having a great day.  Think I'll go have a piece of Scrapple Pie!

1 comment:

  1. I see you've found a good use for your stove. Haha. But what about those hungry guys?

    I like the wacky combos in the 9-patches. And using several different blues in the alternate blocks adds depth. Nice touch.

    Thanks for putting my blog in your sidebar!