Monday, October 21, 2013

Sissy Camping

We just returned from our fall camping trip.  It was a beautiful weekend.  We visited Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill, Tennessee.  Gorgeous place with the Duck River running through the park. 

Did I mention that is was cold this weekend??  Not cold, like Illinois- or Michigan-cold, but cold for us nonetheless.  Down in the 30's at night. 

My hubby (he's the smart one) had a great idea to help our bones stay warm this trip.  (We froze on our spring trip, so cold bones are still fresh in our memory!)

Here's a clue:
Hmmmm.....what's that cord??

Inside, we find this!  Yes, it's true...we Sissy Campers used a space heater!! 
Bliss.  Absolute bliss to be toasty warm when it's frosty cold outside.

I love having multi-use possessions and this little heater fits that description well!  Notice the label.  We purchased this space heater to keep Bob warm in our garage this past January.  Apparently one of my kids thought the heater needed a better name.  Not sure that "Bob's Heater" would help the company with  marketing, but it makes me pause and smile.

A Special Label

It's nothing short of miraculous to get a basic group picture with 2 teens and a little sister involved! 

This trip was good for the soul.  Hope you are blessed with some special time with your loved ones soon.

much love,


He leads me beside quiet waters,

He restores my soul....
            Psalm 23: 2,3


  1. Ingenious! Having heat or air conditioning would be a must if I were to go camping. Not to mention having indoor/in-room plumbing. Which is why we don't go camping ha!

  2. I hope you brought a water kettle too! I find that little luxury makes camping so much easier.

  3. Love all the pictures of your family enjoying time together. So important!