Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wheat Belly

first strawberry from the garden :)

I've been meaning to write for a number of days.  That means lots of stuff is rambling around in my head.  When I skip writing for too long my brain activity starts to mimic the classic pinball machine.  Unfortunately, writing is one area in my life that still bends toward the lies of perfectionism.  I keep putting it off, because I'm behind on all that needs to be reported on....thus I delay because I haven't time to do it right...which of course becomes One Vicious Circle.  Ugh!

Here's one topic that needs attention:

Wheat Belly
Have you read this book??  I've read most of it and find it fascinating.  I'm fearful that it's true, at least to some degree.  Have you taken a look at our bodies lately?  It's shocking how large we've become...overweight and unhealthy with diseases nearly unheard of 50 years ago.  What's up?  For a number of years I've been blaming our condition on processed food (totally hate that stuff...just ask my kids) and our sedentary lifestyle.  But now I'm wondering if there's not more to the story. 

Case in point:  Myself.  (I'm my own best guinea pig.)
I grew up in the country and we had horses.  My grandparents lived nearby and had a big garden and sometimes pigs and beef cows. 

Fast forward to around 2006, I started to miss the country and long for the animals, the garden, and yes...even the work of it. Soooooo...nearly 2 years ago we moved to a 10 acre farm (God love my long-suffering husband for going along with so many of my crazy plans and dreams!)

I know I'm an odd bird, but I really like to work hard physically especially when it yields something practical, like food.  For over 18 months, I've been physically active every single day.  At 48, I'm probably in as good if not better condition than I was in my 20's and 30's.  Add that to the fact that I rarely eat processed food.  I cook from scratch, grind wheat and bake all our bread products, have a milk cow and fresh unpasteurized milk, raise an organic garden, can and freeze for the winter, buy grass-fed beef and pasture raised poultry from local farmers; plus we have a constant supply of fresh eggs from our own healthy hens. (geez, no wonder my days are so full!)

BUT....over the last year, I've developed a little pot belly.  YUCK!  Yuck!  Double-Yuck!
I also have high cholesterol. 

So that's where this book comes in.  I first read an interview with the author, Dr. William Davis, and then sought out the book. The book's premise is that the wheat that we consume is not the same that our forefathers ate.  It's been hybridized into something very different.  I'm not especially surprised by this news because it seems that all of our food supply is being or has been mucked around with in some shape or form.  The problem with these well-meaning alterations is that we can't see all the consequences that might come from our tinkering.  That's what the book talks about.  I highly recommend that you read it.
(please know that I don't endorse all of Dr. Davis' viewpoints--like all the evolutionary stuff.  Just remember to use your own brain.  :)

I've been avoiding wheat for about 2 1/2 weeks.  Not long, but I've already noticed one significant change...I'm clear headed.  The brain fog that used to regularly settle in on me has lifted....even in the afternoons!!  Hooray!  I'll keep you posted if I notice other improvements. 

If you want to try this little experiment, expect to be amazed by the amount of wheat you actually consume on any given day.  It's everywhere.  The first hurdle is to figure out what to eat instead.  For me that translates to more veggies, nuts, and meat. 

The book says that some people really have a hard time getting off wheat because of the addictive qualities that are inherent to modern-day wheat.  So far I've been able to avoid wheat, but I know if I give in and taste "a little" I'll fall over the edge and gobble down a pound of cookies and bread.  Sounds strangely like an addiction, doesn't it?...I can avoid it, but once I start it will be difficult to stop.  Argh!

When I play the guinea pig game I try to leave my family out of it.  BUT my kids are starting to worry as they observe me passing on the wheat though, saying stuff like:  "no wheat?!!", "what about bread?!", "and pasta?!", "and cookies?!!!!!"  I don't have an answer for them.  We just have to let this play out.

many blessings,

Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. 
Psalm 32:1

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  1. I have read the book. My daughter in law was my encourager. She has taken wheat out of her home. I have experienced most of the things you talked about. For me the big thing was naps. I had to have one everyday ( i am 56). Since stopping wheat, i have much more energy. I recently had a stressful couple of weeks. Our daughter got married and was not careful about what i ate with dinners and grabbing meals. My skin rebelled! Still not back to normal but getting there. Do the best you can! After you have been off for about 30 days, the odd wheat thing can be tolerated in my experience. I do not want to exchange one bondage for another, but i believe we deserve to be the best we can be, right! My DIL does not have wheat in her house but if her kids go somewhere and they have it she doesnt panic. These days we are blessed with alternatives so it is easier. There are great blogs out there with lots of amazing recipes.One day at a time, daughter of the King!

  2. Fascinating stuff. I will read up on it and thanks for the heads up.

  3. Wow! Someone who enoys physically working in a garden, that is where I grew up so it is second nature to me. My husband and I have been doing a low carb diet for a year. I lost 35 pounds and no longer have knee pain. I could hardly get out of bed my knees were getting bad. Makes buying groceries so much easier when you don't go down most of them! LOL

  4. I have heard a bit about this book. I probably would benefit from drastically reducing and/or cutting out wheat. Problem is, I just love breads (and cookies, crackers, etc). I would find this VERY difficult to do. My belly would thank me, though. What to do. what to do...??? Arrgghh