Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sheep, not now

It's time to offer my sweet little Shetland ewes for sale.

I've thoroughly enjoyed them, but in developing our homestead....I think I put the sheep before the cart (or something like that.)  After much prayer and consideration, I've decided it would be best to sell the sheep and focus on some other farm endeavors first. 

About the pictures...The sheep are fascinated with the camera, but not in having their pictures taken....they would rather sniff, lick, and nibble the actual camera. 
So with the help of my 2 able-bodied recruits, we did the best that we could!

Under The Son Tiffany 
NASSA # S 32829   color:  Moorit
Under the Son Torvus x Under The Son Anglaise
born 4/3/2011
UTS Tiffany, May 2013

UTS Tiffany, May 2013
sorry about the rope around her front leg

UnderTheSon Tricot 
NASSA #S 32825   color:  black
UnderTheSon Apache x UnderTheSon Radisson
born 4/1/ 2011

UTS Tricot, May 2013
UTS Tricot, May 2013
Solid Topline....even though this picture
makes it look a little bumpy.

UTS Tricot on Left
S'more Czadas on Right.
Czadas is standing a bit cock-eyed
Both are strong and square in hind quarters.

S'more Czadas
NASSA# S 34884  color: shaela 
UnderTheSon Apache x S'more Spunky

S'more Czadas, May 2013
I think the halter makes her head look
a bit funky in this picture.

S'more Czadas, April 2013
This is Czadas' attempt to be invisible and
avoid the shearing stand!

S'more Czadas, April 2013
Coat just came off.  Ready to be sheared.
Gorgeous fine fleece!  Very soft.  Over 4" staple length.

Czadas, Tricot, and Tiffany, March 2012
I'm putting this picture in to show you how their
fleece colors compare.  All 3 fleeces are really nice!

These sheep were purchased from Theresa and Tori Gygi at Under the Son Farm in Greencastle, Indiana.

They are good breeding stock with strong genetics. They were purchased with the intention of starting a flock of fine fleeced Shetlands. 

Under the Son Farm specializes in breeding for strong conformation and fine fleece



  1. Pam, your name is familiar; did you used to have a blog of a different name?

  2. Oh, Pam, wish I could just pop by in the StarGate (still have not located it in my 'stuff' :-)
    I'd come get them all! Oops, forgot; I don't have anywhere to put them! This condo building has a nice grassy area out back, but somehow I think the condo board would frown on a flock of sheep (although it would save money on having the grass mown weekly). A small town near us keeps a flock in the summer and hires a shepherdess to mind them. The sheep are taken to various public areas, where they 'mow' the grass. Great idea, I thought!

    Well, I live in Edmonton, AB, for now, so the sheep are only a dream for me. But a nice dream. Shetland sheep, no less!

    I wish you all the best finding them the perfect home, Pam.

    ~ Linne

  3. im interested in the sheep could u please call me 423-290-4229 Bill Thomas