Friday, January 25, 2013

today's name

In my dreams, I am a Braveheart type character wearing a cape (usually quilted, of course!) and standing up to fight the injustices of the world. 

Today, I'm not much of a Braveheart.  Today I am Tenderheart. 
When I am Tenderheart (yes, I've been named this on a number of other days, too), I grieve the sorrows of the world.  I grieve my own sorrows and losses, but also those of others.  I never particularly want to be Tenderheart (I want the cape, remember!), but once I'm in the thick of it, I usually find it an ok place to visit. 

Perhaps God needs for some of us to play the Tenderheart role each day.  Do you wonder what that role might be?  For me, the role includes some quiet time, some tears, lots of prayer, some puttering and cleaning.  Today will most likely include some charity sewing and finishing of Project 40 lap blankets, too. 

Tenderheart or Braveheart....God is good all the time. 

So what is your "name" today? 


And now for a few fun sheepy pictures that I took last fall. 
Two of my sheep were certain that my camera case contained snacks!

"Do you think she's got snacks in here?"
"I bet she keeps them under here!"
"Let's just drag off the whole bag....she'll never miss it!"
"Well fine then.  We didn't want your stupid old bag anyway!"


If you haven't made a donation to help build a well in Africa, PLEASE do it today!! 

May your day be blessed,

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