Friday, January 18, 2013

chickens and quilts

the victim!

My children have been worrying about one of our hens who has been limping for a few days. 
She has no obvious injury, but today I decided to pay homage to my nursing education and apply a splint! 
custom made splint--only the best for this girl!

"I've GOT to get this thing off!!"

"I'll help you, Sister!"

Can you tell that I love living out here with hubby, kids, and critters?!!  I'm in heaven. 
Life is good.

Now a bit about quilting. 
I've been making more hand pieced stars.  These are soooo fun! 
If you don't know how to hand piece, you NEED to learn from Cindy Blackberg!  She's awesome!

Each block measures a little over 4 inches.  These are my 3 favorites so far.

May your day be incredibly blessed,

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  1. Wow, what great shots! I love the first one with the chicken's eye! How did you ever splint that leg? Pretty amazing place, the Stahl Academy of Bible, Business, Art, & Agriculture.

    1. Leg splinting supplies: a piece of thin cardboard from a package of ink cartridges and packing tape! (good to know if you ever want to splint a chicken's leg).


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  3. I can see there's never a dull moment at The Academy. Has the splint done anything except keep the chicken busy trying to remove it?

  4. The stars are beautiful, and I am happy to hear the calf is on the mend. Did you take a look at her foot? Some 4-H members have had issues with bumblefoot lately.

  5. I wonder how the chicken will make out with the repair job?
    Loved seeing your hand pieced stars!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. I have just started hand piecing, and I am loving it. Your stars are wonderful!