Thursday, November 15, 2012

Assembly Line to Start Soon!

I will be visiting my Dad at the end of November.  He lives about 7 hours from me (near my siblings). My Sister & I will be attending what promises to be a difficult meeting to plan for my Dad's care.  Reality vs. What My Dad Wants are definitely in conflict considering his mental and health status. I'll be requesting your prayers when the time for my visit grows nearer.

I know there are some finished strips and completed blankies out there floating around.  I'm planning to assemble some lap blankets next week (seems appropriate for Thanksgiving week, I think).  Whatever is completed will go with me on this first trip back to see my Dad since Project 40 began. 

I'm not trying to rush anyone, but if you would like your work so far included, please mail your package soon. Don't worry if your strip(s) aren't ready, I'll be making more trips and if need be will make local nursing home deliveries.  No doubt the need is great and I would love to see this effort grow.

I'm listing a Post Office address here.  Please let me know when you mail something and I'll be watching for it.

Pam Stahl
P.O. Box 1875
Mt. Juliet, TN 37121-1875


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