Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Blessings

Pantry with applesauce, green beans,
tomatoes, and pickles. 

I LOVE a stocked pantry!  And even more so when the pantry is stocked with the bounty of our own garden.  We still have some more applesauce to can from apples that we bought locally.  We've got apple trees started on our place, but they aren't quite old enough to produce apples.

Team Stahl working the hay delivery!

Hay was delivered this weekend!  It's such a relief to have hay ready for the winter--equivalent to stocked pantry and freezer for the humans!  I'm not sure why I put off getting hay for so long each year.  I seem to worry and fret about the decisions associated with hay far too much.  Thankfully it all came together this weekend complete with help from my home-grown work force.

Moveable animal shelter and round bales in the pasture

This is a new shelter that my very talented, very patient husband built for me!  It's solid but not too heavy.  2 people can actually attach a strap to it, lift the front end and pull it to the next pasture. 

More hay in the barn.  Beautiful!

We placed one roll of hay in each of our 4 long grazing paddocks.  The rest is stored in the dry barn.  We have been practicing rotational grazing using a variety of methods for a couple years.  We are modifying it just a bit for the winter to keep from moving the shelter as often.  Trying to find a happy balance between pasture health and work load/time required to move animals/shelter/water. 

Becky, Bambi, Bob, and Annabelle
Our little bovine collection.

One last thing of farm interest.  See little Becky to the left of this picture.  Turns out she is a real socialite!  She kept jumping fences to be with Bob and Annabelle.  This has been frustrating since ideally a nursing calf will stay with her mama--duh!  I think Becky would fill her belly and then set out to find playmates--forgetting that her tummy would get empty again.  (not sure why she never jumped back to be with her mama).

Today I found that all 4 cows had managed to get into the same pasture.  I had been keeping them separate because Annabelle and Bob still tried to nurse poor Bambi whenever the opportunity arose. 

But, O Happy Day!  Today, Bambi refused to let either of the older girls nurse!  It looks like the 4-some can share a pasture harmoniously!  This is such good news because now I can just manage one group of animals with the pasture rotation!  Also good news that I no longer need to retrieve and return Becky to her mama each day!

To all the Homesteading Newbies out there, I want to offer a word of encouragement!
We have lived on our little farm for a bit more than 2 years. 
I'm starting to  hear strange new things come out of my mouth!
Words like:
**  I know what to do next!

**  Hey, we've got that tool/seed/supply, and I even know where to find it!

**  Sure, I know how to do that!

This is a whole new and much-welcomed experience! 
So please be encouraged if you are taking this new path.  There really is a point where you will have the knowledge and tools that you need when a project rolls around!! 

many blessings,

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; 
may they be happy and joyful.
Psalm 68: 3

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  1. Very heartening to be able to know what and how to do what needs to be done. In the days when my kids were growing up, we all got way too attached to our critters. Cattle, horses, ducks, chickens--you name it.

  2. Love that feeling of having hay in the barn. Such security!

  3. your pictures represent a lot of hard work-but what a nice payoff.