Monday, April 22, 2013

Here a Chick, There a Chick!

Freedom Ranger Chicks

Everywhere a Chick, Chick!

The farm is a whirlwind.  Our first order of chicks arrived last week.  50 Freedom Ranger chicks.  We are raising these as meat birds.  I know it's horrible to think of that when you look at these cute little guys, but that's the reality. 

Our goal is to raise healthy birds that will grow up on our pasture in the sunshine (as soon as they grow in their feathers).  We will know exactly what they have been fed.  That's a very good thing in my opinion.

Not quite a week old...growing wing feathers.

The chicks have heat lamps to keep them nice and warm until they get to be about 3 weeks old.  Then they will transition to living outside and eating lots of bugs along with a gmo-free grain ration.

Life is good. 



  1. Aaaw how cute! We were just listening to a debate about how far we have gotten from the reality of food production. We took our daughter to in-laws' farm when she was little so she would learn what it was like. Husband practically grew up there, so I have learned a lot from him. We didn't even have a goldfish growing up, so it was a valuable lesson for me too.

  2. Knowing how and where our food comes from is part of why we're planting a garden this year. If it's true for our veggies, how much more true would it be of our meat. And I'll bet that chicken will taste a whole lot better than chicken you buy at the store.

  3. Would love to have the ability to raise broilers -- I am very impressed. Do you have a butcher? That is what is holding us back.

  4. Thanks for posting pics of your peepers. So cute when they're little.

    We had chicks and ducks when our kids were growing up, too.

  5. If you haven't found the Gracious Pantry blog, you might really enjoy it. She posts clean eating recipes. I love hearing about the farm and what you are up to, thanks for sharing!