Thursday, March 28, 2013


Can you believe that March is nearly over?!
Life runs so fast.  I find myself always trying to slow it down, but to no avail.

I'm a bit rattled.  Had a wacky parking lot fender bender a tax appointment, no less.  Geez!  I can't seem to pull my head back together.  But wait, the story gets better.  I might as well tell it and laugh instead of crying and scheduling a trip to therapy.  Here's how it went.
1.  tax appointment went much longer than expected.  It was near lunch time and I was a little scattered (turns out that was an understatement). 
2.  got into my car which was parked off an alleyway...backed up, careful to avoid the dumpster.
3.  oops....bumped into a trash can that was on the edge of the alley.  Hopped out to set it up. (being a good citizen and all)
4.  oh that my van driving away from me?!
5.  turn around and run trying to catch van and step on brake peddle before it....oh no!...before it runs into my husband's truck (he's backing out of another spot!)
6.  I somehow get my leg in the van and step on the brake....oops again!  That was the gas....
7.  Loud crashing noise as I hit the tax attorneys beautiful new (parked) SUV and then ram full speed (good thing I found that "brake" huh?!) into the back of my husband's truck and run my bumper up onto the ball of the hitch.
8.  I YI YI!

Reasons to be incredibly thankful:
1.  No one was hurt.  Praise God!
2.  No one even yelled at me.  I guess they all knew I would start weeping (smart men that they were).
3.  All vehicles still run.  My van is hideous without a front bumper, but it got me home (where I really want to stay and hide for a month or ten).
4.  When I jumped back in the van (and missed the brake peddle), I did yank the steering wheel to the left and just grazed the tax guy's new SUV, leaving some scratches (an absolute gift from GOD!) Not that scratches are free, but we couldn't find any dents.  We'll see what the dealership says. 
5.  My dear husband has already started joking about the episode and making me laugh about it. 
6.  I've put my vehicle in "park" every other time I exited it today!
7.  God is good even when I'm a pitiful driver.
8.  My husband (being a very good driver) was able to hold the brake and keep his truck from ramming into another vehicle parked in the lot.
9.  I did not hit every vehicle in the lot, although it does appear that I was trying.

Hoping this little slow motion replay might make one of you laugh.  Seems like it could have been an I Love Lucy skit. 

keep smiling!


  1. Oh Pam! I truly feel for you! I am so sorry that your day was so rough!
    I have a little Sunshine for you though-
    Look! Up there! There is less than 2K to the 7K goal!!!! Its amazing what God can do!

    And, I have a little more Sunshine for you too!:
    I got my book and scrappies today! They are wonderful! And, I've already started to devour the book! Very interesting.

    And, because God knows that you need a little more Sunshine than that:
    I am (Oh yes I am!) going to pay the shipping cost to ship the quilt to its new owner! I just need to know how much. Please, Please let me do this!

    You are Blessed!

  2. I can keep smiling if u can. Thx for sharing

  3. I can keep smiling if u can. Thx for sharing

  4. Oh Pam, it reads funny, but I am sure it was not! My DH sent our brand new (2 days old) car off into a stairway while we both were standing besides it watching, totally trashing the front, and we have laughed about it ever since. Not so much in that moment though:)

  5. I'm so sorry about the accident - but you really make it sound funny. I can close my eyes and picture it exactly. I hope things go better for you now.

  6. What a day you had! I have a similar story which only my husband knows about...until now! I damaged the side mirror on my car and put it into the panel beaters shop to be repaired. When I was collecting the car when it was all fixed, the young man who owned the business said 'Maybe you will be back if you damage the mirror on the other side of the car' he wouldn't say that to a man!!! I drove out of his driveway I had to turn hard so the car wouldn't swing out too far into the traffic coming from the other direction...but there was a car parked right up to that driveway wasn't there? Yep! I scraped the passenger side of my car on the bumper of this parked car...I was so ashamed! I parked down the street, ran back and put a note with my details on that car but the owner didn't contact me and I'd forgotten to take their registration details...ooh wah! I still wonder if that driver is still looking for me! But I have damaged either of of my wing mirrors again tho' LOL

  7. that should be 'haven't damaged'! lol